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Servicios y Asesoramientos Financieros Inmobiliarios

About Us


During the last twenty years SAFISA has taken part, directly and indirectly, in the real state transactions of the most important companies and economic ventures that have developed in Argentina.
Our company, that was the real state agent of a group of significant and prestigious enterprises – taking part in them – aims to a new era by developing its autonomy with other methods and techniques. Despite this the spirit by which it was founded remains the same.
Our path has placed us in a confident position in the Argentinean commercial real state market and we are recognized because of our reliability, experience and professional skills.    
The distinct commitment with the quality of our job allows us to fulfill our task with the highest international standards. In this way, we hold reciprocal correspondence with the FIABCI (International Real State Federation), which connects Safisa with local and international operators.
All the subjects required, regarding this aspect of the economy, to adopt relative decisions to current operations or future economical techniques, financial and legal, find an appropriate scenery in SAFISA
Not only do we explore, take care and make expert studies of each new operation, but  we also perform the conclusion of the investigations.
To obtain this purpose our company is constituted with high qualification brokers, who not only hold a great experience in this market, but are also continuously working in research to achieve excellence.
At present it is not enough. In this way we count on the most advanced technology agreeable to this business.
We are working in association with the Interconnected System (SOM) which concentrated the information on Latin American Real State market and join us with the total of the most representative enterprises that develop this activity in the region. Also, through this system, the site topinmobiliario.com and our e-mail info@safisa.com.ar it is possible to contact and interchange information with all over the world RealStatecompanies.
We are in association with the most important interconnected system of real state information of Latinamerica (SOM). This links us to the vast majority of representative firms in the region involved in this activity and also makes us accessible to enterprises around the globe via internet (topinmobiliario.com) and our contact address www.safisa.com.ar
Each real state business managed by SAFISA will be seen in all displays in the world.
Reaching your expectations is our speciality in this business. 
The following companies have trusted us: 
  • A.M.A. Extrabursatil S.A.
  • Advent International Co. Arg.
  • Agencia Marítima Sudocean
  • Argencons S.A.
  • Argentamex  (Banco American Express)
  • Banco Bradesco
  • Banco de Desarrollo de Mexico
  • Banco Surinvest
  • Banco Velox
  • Barclay’s  Bank
  • BICE – Banco de Inversión y Comercio Exterior
  • Boston Securities
  • Bunge de Argentina S.A.
  • Caputo S.A.
  • Ceroilfood Sudamerican
  • Conagri S.A.
  • Continental Illinois National Bank
  • Chacofi S.A.
  • Chinatex  S.A.
  • Christian Dior
  • Egon Zehnder Internacional S.A.
  • El Rosario S.A.
  • Federación Nacional de Cafeteros de Colombia
  • Fondo Monetario Internacional
  • Galimberti S.A.
  • Goldman & Sachs
  • IBERIA Líneas Aéreas de España
  • Itochu Argentina S.A.
  • Interven Venezuela S.A. (PDVSA)
  • Marubeni Argentina S.A.
  • Meryll, Lynch S.A.
  • Microsoft Argentina
  • Mitsui Argentina Co.
  • Nation Bank
  • Nobleza Piccardo ( Phillip Morris Group)
  • Orient S.A.
  • P & O Lloyds Latin America
  • Petroquímica Bahía Blanca
  • Prudential Securities
  • R.C.I. Argentina S.A.
  • Reuters Limited
  • Schroder Mildesa
  • Superintendencia de  A. F. J. P.
  • Swiss Medical Group
  • Swisse Bank Corporation
  • Thales Collection (Grupo Thompson Europa)
  • The Export – Import Bank of Tokio
  • Total Austral Petrolera

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